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What arrow weight for a 50 lb. bow?

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I'm trying to figure out if, at 50 lbs., would a lighter arrow do better than a heavy arrow? The bow is a 2011 PSE Vendetta XS with a 26" draw. As of right now she is shooting arrows that are about 4" to long that weigh in at 375 grains. I'd like to see her shooting something lighter. I mean, technically, she could safely shoot an arrow that weighs 250 grains and that would gain her gobs of speed but will it get the job done with our big Nebraska deer? What do you guys, and gals think?
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First and foremost the spine and FOC must be good, if you cut the arrow shorter than 27" unless you use a 125 gr BH. The FOC will not be good and I think probably for 50# not below 320gr. But you just have to look at speed, penetration, and trajectory and select a happy medium so to speak. Also you got to consider the weight on the nock end of the arrow for the FOC for example feathers VS. Vanes would be a big difference. Wraps also take away from FOC.
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