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What arrow weight for a 50 lb. bow?

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I'm trying to figure out if, at 50 lbs., would a lighter arrow do better than a heavy arrow? The bow is a 2011 PSE Vendetta XS with a 26" draw. As of right now she is shooting arrows that are about 4" to long that weigh in at 375 grains. I'd like to see her shooting something lighter. I mean, technically, she could safely shoot an arrow that weighs 250 grains and that would gain her gobs of speed but will it get the job done with our big Nebraska deer? What do you guys, and gals think?
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Sorry but I will have to disagree with the masses here ... if you want her to have the best of both worlds build her a Victory VAP arrow near IBO weight ! You will get the speed and penatration. I am shooting a 257 grain VAP out of 46.5 #'s and getting plenty of penatration and also 292fps ! I also use the V6's and they shoot and group beautifully out to 80 yards while they only cost about $77 per dozen for bare shafts. Good luck and GREAT shooting !!

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