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At further distances you will need to go with a heavier point. FITA shooters don't use 80 grain nibbs for a reason. I have always been taught not to drop below 80 grains up front for up to about 60 yds. Here are a couple of choices that will get you right around 300-310 grains, you can work the math out. I am a 28" draw as well and have tried these arrows, I prefer the X weaves but the others are nice as well.

Radial X Weave Pro 200's with 80 grain nibbs, hyperspeed uni bushings, g-nocks and mini blazers

Easton Lightspeed 400's

Easton FatBoy 400's microlite nocks, uni bushings, 80 grain nibbs - Larger diameter but a nice arrow

All 3 of these will get you to around the weight you requested and are all very good 3D and hunting arrows. Mine are cut to 27 3/8 from throat of nock to end of shaft and my 200's were 308 I believe. You can do some rough estimations to get your shaft length and weight.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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