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1) Mathews Q2
with golden key rest, true peep, Toxonics sight

2) Hoyt Striker II (Carbonite limbs, command cams)
identical setup

3) Hoyt Medaillon (command cams)
(no setup at the moment)

4) Jennings Stratus
(no setup at the moment)

I 've put them in order of preference. I like the Mathews best since it is the smoothest bow I have. Speed is about the same as the Hoyt Striker but at the moment I shoot much more accurate with the Mathews. Although I liked the Striker very much, I had to stop shooting it because of the vibrations it gave during a shot which caused an injury in my left shoulder. Should have bought it with the carbon + limbs. :(
Always tempted to buy a Hoyt again as my next bow but I think I'll stay away from them as long as the dampers on the limbs are standard (they wouldn't put them there if they aren't needed or am I missing the point?).
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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