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What could cause this?

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I purchased a new DXT 30" draw. I set it up with a d loop and nothing else on the string. I recently put a G5 Meta Peep in the string and my groups shifted to the left 4-5" @ 20 yards. I thought it must be grip torque....I tried relaxing my grip. Making sure I wasn't torquing the bow. I could not figure out anything with my grip. I took the peep out of the string tonight and shot with just a release and anchor point (first knuckle right under my ear lobe) and I was shooting dead on straight. I put the peep back in the groups shifted left.

I am left handed, left eye dominant but have been shooting for 3 years right handed. I shoot both eyes open. I even tried shutting my left eye while shooting the peep and the groups were still left.

Any reasoning behind this?
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If you look down my arrow, center the string through my grip and line up my sight without a peep I'm hitting dead on. If I put the peep in, why would my sight have to be out of line with the arrow and center of my grip is what I'm asking I guess.

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just change the windage on your sight to poa and if you figure out your doing something wrong, change it back.
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