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what do u think

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martin hattfield 60#

2315 arrow 145g tip
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Are you asking is the arrow ok, or are you braggin on yer hatfield, which I think is an outstanding bow. You don't give a draw length so .... its hard to determine, but a 23xx anything is fairly stiffly spined if I remember correctly.

Aloha... :cool:

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I have just tuned a Martin Hunter 50#

I shoot split fingers
31'' 2315 arrow, my draw length being 29.5'', 125 gr point

brace height 7.75''

nocking point 5/8'' above level

They are flying like darts, my draw weight would be about 53-54 pound.

As long as you now the required arrow length, go to the easton arrow selector chart and calculate. This chart has never let me down yet. Have a look how I chose mine, recurve, 31'' 53-54 #.

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