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What is the difference in performance?

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I am looking at the Scott releases and there are different types of jaws on various models. The Sabertooth has two parts that separate in the jaw and many other models have just one part of the jaw that moves. What is the difference (other than the obvious) in performance with these different jaw styles?
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I shoot the sabertooth because it allows me to use a shorter string loop. A friend of mine shoots a mongoose, and I have tried his out and couldn't really tell a difference other than it takes up more space inside the string loop.

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If I remember correctly someone once said that the jaws that only have one moving side were developed for string loops, and the heads that both jaws move were for shooting off the string. I don't know if this is true or not.

I started off shooting the basic Scott caliper release back in the late '80's and shot it off the string. Then I started shooting D-loops with the same style release and it worked fine. I upgraded to the Itty-Bitty Goose and it is a great release. I had a problem with it and bought a Scott Rhino to use while repairs were being made to the IBG. The Rhino has the same type of jaws as the basic caliper but it is a very small head attached to a piece of nylon strap. I shoot them off of a D-loop and they both work fine with the two different styles of jaw operation.

Both the Rhino and the Itty-Bitty Goose are fantastic releases but out of the two I like the IBG better. The like the rope attachment better than the nylon strap and I find the longer head of the IBG easier to handle.

My IBG was a month or two away from being 5 years old when it started having problems. It wouldn't fire, you couldn't budge the trigger at full draw, and it was very rough just working it when it wasn't on the D-loop. I called Scott and they said to send it in. I didn't have a chance to send it right away and forgot about it for a few months. I finally got around to sending it in and they had it fixed and back to me in about 2 weeks. There was no charge, they covered it under warranty even though it was past the 5 year limit. Their customer service was excellent, and there have been many other posts on AT from people getting the same level of service from Scott.

No matter which model you buy, you're getting a first rate product and customer service to match.
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