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it is when you shoot your bow from several different distances with the same pin at a piece of weighted rope. basically (and I am sure nuts and bolts will chime in here somewhere, and he will do a much better job of explaining it) you take a piece of rope, hang it over the target so that it is straight up and down. pace off ten yards and shoot. go back to 20, 30, 40 yds, or as far as you want to with it. you will see a pattern form. some arrows will go left in a diagonal pattern, and others to the right. basically, what you do is move your rest to counter the shots that are not on that piece of rope until you hit the rope or just about hit that rope at each distance. that is the basics of it, someone more qualified will fill in the finer points I am sure.

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If your center shot is off the further away you shoot the further from the center your arrows land.
Walk back shows you that.

Doesn't work good on a windy day :)

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There is a diagram on my site the link is in my signature it covers both release aid and fingers

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Walk Back Tuning with Pictures

Here you go.

Hang a weighted string from a nail on a target.

Stick a round sticker on the target face so that the string splits the sticker.
Use your existing 20-yd pin, step back 20-yards from the target and fire at the sticker.

Don't worry about where the arrow hits.

Walk straight back to 30 yds, and using the same 20-yd pin setting,
fire an arrow at the sticker.

Repeat at 35 yds and at 40 yds, using the 20-yd pin and firing at the sticker.

If your arrows look like this pattern " / " or “\”,
then pick a direction and move your arrow rest 1/16th inch.

If the pattern gets straighter (more vertical), then that is great. Keep adjusting in that direction.

If the pattern gets more crooked, then adjust in the other direction.

Keep firing arrows and keep adjusting the arrow rest position until you get a vertical pattern of arrows.

Eventually, your arrows will hit in the target is a straight up and down line like this " | ".

LOCK down the arrow rest setting. Your centershot is perfect.

But, your vertical pattern of arrows may not be hitting the string.

The vertical pattern of arrows may be on one side of the string.
Let’s say the arrows are say 6-inches to the left of the weighted string.

Pick a direction to adjust your sight ring windage.

Adjust the sight ring windage 1/16th of an inch.

Repeat the test.

Fire arrows at least 3 distances, and see if the vertical pattern of arrows gets closer to the string like in the picture below.

If the vertical pattern of arrows is getting closer to the string,
then that is great.

Keep adjusting in that direction.

If the vertical pattern of arrows is getting farther away,

then adjust in the other direction.

Eventually, you will have a vertical pattern of arrows right on top of the string.

Lock down the windage and lock down the arrow rest. Windage and center shot are now perfect.

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Here's an easy way remember which way to move your rest and sight. Move the rest in the direction you want your arrows to go. Hitting left, move the rest right (the direction your arrows need to go). Moving the rest right will move the front of the arrow right, causing it to shoot more to the right. Move your sight following the arrows. Hitting left, move your sight left (follow your arrows left). Moving the sight left will move your aiming point more to the right, causing you to shoot more to the right.

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The methods described are correct to a point. Unless I missed the first thing that you have to do is make sure Your level is reading correct when your bow is plumb. The other thing that you should do is check to make sure that the 3rd axis is correct on your bow. There will be a lot of suggestions on how to accomplish these two things but I would suggest that you find a shop that has a HTM vice or something similiar. The HTM VICE will also let you set your center shot to dead center which is the starting point. If I missed any of this information already being posted You will have to accept it for what is is.

Good Luck
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