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what its worth,lefty recurve

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Have a Kap bow with 24lb and 30lb limbs,2pink and silver strings along with the original black ones,case,stand.With the 24lb its a 66in,30lb its a 68in.also 1dz arrows,quiver and bow is left handed.what would this all be worth.Belongs to my Daughter who has decided to give it up,and she was good.Any help would be great.
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KAP makes a number of bows, mostly entry level. It depends on the model of the bow. I purchased their top end Winstorm II riser used for $100. It included a low cost rest and a low cost KAP plunger.

Following are new prices

Prostyle riser 69.99
Prostyle limbs 49.99
T-Rex riser 89.99
T-Rex limbs 79.99
Winstar II riser 189.99
Winstorm Glass limbs 119.99
Winstorm Carbon limbs 189.99

Add the cost of a rest, plunger and string and figure you will get half to 60%.

There is not enough information to estimate the other stuff.
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