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Im looking for ideas on clothing that you backpackers bring on a 5 day hunt maybe 7day... for example "shirt, pants, socks, underwear, vest, thermals, gloves". could you lists brands you recommend... im going to be doing a backpack hunt in mid December(cold weather) when archery season opens here in AZ and planning on doing one in August(warm weather) of next year too. so my only concern is clothing & Oder control if im only bringing maybe one set of clothing.. do i need to invest in scentlock and maybe other high end gear like sitka or other under garments? i dont know so i need some opinions.

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I'm bring with me
Kuiu- attack pants
Both Marino tops
Guide jacket
Neck gaitor
2 first lite Marino undies
1 under armor thermal long johns
3 pair wool socks and liners
1 set kenetreck fairies
1 pair hanwags mntn lts
This is what I'll have on and be bringing with me to Montana 'in' one week.

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For a mid-Sept - 6 day archery backpack hunt, basically 2 sets of cloths with extra socks:
2 pairs of great pants
2 pairs of merino wool base layer both pants and shirts
4 pairs of smart wool socks (2 for each day)
1 light jacket
1 heavier vest
Rain pants and jacket
light gloves
1 ball cap, 1 beanie
3 pairs of underwear
1 performance shirt and 1 performance sweatpants for camp lounging and cooking

Get the best gear you can afford, but more importantly, will the gear perform as needed (water resistant, dries quick, lightweight, handle abuse). You can get gear that performs without buying the most expensive, and match the gear to your conditions. Backpacking in for 5-7 days is different than hunting from a cabin or wall tent.

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August trip

I'll wear
Sitka Mountain pants w/o knee pads
Sitka core t-shirt or the Merino top depends if I want full concealment or not
Sitka Ascent ball cap
Cabelas medium weight x-static merino wool blend socks
UA heat gear boxer jocks

In the pack
Lightweight merino bottoms- for cold snaps or cold mornings super light
Sitka merino beanie- sleep in every night, keeps my greasy hair from getting to my bag, nice or early morning and late glassing, super light
Browking 700 fill down jacket- stationary glassing, and pillow.
Sitka downpour rain gear set- quiet rain protecting light packable.
Contrail wind shirt or Jetstream jacket, depending on state I'm hunting- Windproof hunting layer, waiting for stalks or ambush.
Sitka Traverse hoody- my go to layer for most of my hunting when I'm not hiking, really active
extra pair of Socks and Boxer Jocks

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On my person:

- Smartwool boxer breifs
- Sitka Mountain pants
- Sitka merino wool zip shirt
- Smartwool light wool sock liners
- Smartwool light wool hiker sock
- Ball cap
- Kenetreck Hard Scrabble Hikers

In my pack:
- Spare set sock liners/socks
- Kuiu light wool base layer bottoms
- Kuiu spindrift jacket
- Cabela's MT050 rain set (pants/jacket)
- Fleece gloves
- Fleece beanie

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Firstlite base layers, Sitka Mt Pants, Jetstream Jacket, Jetstream Vest, beenie and hat. Two pairs of socks and UA boxers.
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