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What Loc-On and Sticks???

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Here's my question guys.....

I have $200 to use on a treestand and climbing sticks.

As of right now I'm thinking Lone Wolf Climbing sticks and some kind of Gorilla Loc-On.

Some of my considerations: I'm a solid 260 lbs. and I like a bigger platform for obvious reasons. If you were in my boots what would you get?
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these tree stands are a bit more then 200 but i tell u this is one of the best treestands i have ever seen, quick easy and quiet, when u email them they send u a free video, they have a demonstration that blows my mind, they hang one of there stands, take a small crane and lift up 5 - 50lb bags of something lift it like 3 ft above the plateform and droped them on it all at once, the stand barley budged, thats a stand that gives me confidence.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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