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What Loc-On and Sticks???

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Here's my question guys.....

I have $200 to use on a treestand and climbing sticks.

As of right now I'm thinking Lone Wolf Climbing sticks and some kind of Gorilla Loc-On.

Some of my considerations: I'm a solid 260 lbs. and I like a bigger platform for obvious reasons. If you were in my boots what would you get?
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Thats why I was looking at the Gorillas....I forgot to add that another MAJOR consideration is weight of the stand since I hike back in about 2 miles for all day sits. This means stand, sticks, and enough gear to sit all day. I won't exactly be packing light. From what I've seen...the gorillas are about as light as I can get for under $100.
Check this out and see if you can help me out.

the picture has the seat with the backrest but the description doesn't clearly say that that particular seat comes with it. Also it says "King Kong CHAIN ON Treestand" but the description say "STRAP".....trying to figure out what exactly I would be getting. It seems like a heck of a price if you get the deluxe seat and the strap instead of the chain.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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