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What Loc-On and Sticks???

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Here's my question guys.....

I have $200 to use on a treestand and climbing sticks.

As of right now I'm thinking Lone Wolf Climbing sticks and some kind of Gorilla Loc-On.

Some of my considerations: I'm a solid 260 lbs. and I like a bigger platform for obvious reasons. If you were in my boots what would you get?
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I agree with the Gorilla choice, I have the King Kong Lounger( I weigh 265). It is great! As far as climbing sticks I can't tell you what the brand of mine is for sure. It is 16' tall and breaks down into 4 pieces. Each piece has a strap that goes around the tree. Four pieces of advice in a fixed stand:

1. Lock it up! Use 3/8" proof coil chain and a Master Combination Lock. It takes BIG bolt cutters to cut either of these. Plus you don't have to worry about keeping track of the key. :)

2. Either plan on having help hanging it, or do what I did. Buy a small pulley and hang the pullet above where you want the stand first. Then pull the stand up with a rope and tie it off. Then when you get up the climbing stick to attach your stand, all you have to do is manuever it into postion. They get real heavy real fast holding onto them with one hand while trying to attach the strap.

3. Secure yourself to the tree with a strap at the top of the climbing stick before attaching the stand. It gives you both hands to work with and it prevents serious injury. :eek:

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