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What Loc-On and Sticks???

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Here's my question guys.....

I have $200 to use on a treestand and climbing sticks.

As of right now I'm thinking Lone Wolf Climbing sticks and some kind of Gorilla Loc-On.

Some of my considerations: I'm a solid 260 lbs. and I like a bigger platform for obvious reasons. If you were in my boots what would you get?
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Lone Wolf climbing stick caution

Lone Wolf is a great product but I wanna point out one thing that you need to be aware of. During setup, make absolutely sure that the strap loop goes all the way around the versa button, and double check it after you cinch the strap.

Last fall I set up in the dark of morning and when I climbed down after hunting I found the strap loop only half way around the button. Half was in back, half in front. The same thing happened another time since that but I watch for it now before I put any weight on the sticks. Coulda been disastrous had it let go since I don't hook up my tether until I'm about to climb into the stand.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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