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What Makes a Target Arrow a Target Arrow?

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What makes an arrow classified as a "Target Arrow" or a "Hunting Arrow"?

For example: The Easton Light Speed and the Easton Flatline seem to be the same arrow. Same specs, same weight, etc... but the Light Speed is called a Target Arrow but the Flatline is classified as a hunting arrow.

Any thoughts?
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I asked the same question of my Easton Rep.
He just looked at me with a funny look on his face.

It's just cross merchandising I guess.

You can shoot target with any arrow you want but ,I wouldn't hunt with just any arrow.
Target arrows are mostly fatter in diameter. At least some are.

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well that depends...

target arrows...take eastons top of the line target arrow...the X-10 protour (compound) it is really thin and really won't be cutting any lines with those babies BUT they are for shooting outdoor competitions...the smaller the diameter of the arrow is the less the wind will affect the arrow's for shooting outdoor spots you want a small diameter arrow...for indoor there is no you will probably want to pick up some nice fat Easton X7 cobalt or X7 Eclipses...

Now for hunting in my opinion (if i were a hunter) i would want as much kinetic energy as possible...speed doesn't matter to me unless it converted to blunt force on the other i would go with a heavier arrow but medium diameter to lessen windage affects...

Target arrows can be fat or thin (depending on what you are shooting indoor/outdoor)
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