I had a chance to sit down for an online conversation with Evan Williams from Hoyt Archery to talk about the 2022 hunting bow lineup.

Evan goes into detail on everything that has changed for the 2022 bows, before we talk about what the best bow would be for me to test for the upcoming ArcheryTalk Hunting Bow Shootout.

Towards the end of the video, Evan also talks about what changes in the draw cycle and performance in different positions on each cam module. This ended up being very good information for me, as I learned a why the Hoyt RX-5 Ultra I shot last year ended up with better numbers out of the chronograph than I was expecting. And while both Evan and I like bows in the longest position of a specific mod, there is a small price to pay for the performance gain, which I didn't really understand before. I think Evan does a great job of explaining both the benefits and downsides of draw length positions on a specific cam/module that could help archers - whether they shoot a Hoyt or not.

I liked his explanation so much that I make a short video just with that description.