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What size vanes for field archery???

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What size vanes do you use when you shoot nfaa, and why? I use the basic Duravane in 4" on top of a CXL250...Should I be useing something else... My bow is a 55lb UltraTec..Thanks...
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rock monkey said:
shoot whatever you like that works best for you.

depending on what type conditions you normally shoot it, you can change or stick with what you have now.

on my outdoor arrows, i shoot AAE SF23's low profile but still enuff to steer.

guys that shoot the long distance fita stuff like the low profile vanes.

on my indoor carbons, i have 3" duravanes and they work well. i havent shot them outside so i cannot comment on that aspect.
Like rock monkey says....
low profile.

Flex Fletch 187s are popular with the FITA crowd.
They have to shoot up to 90 meters (100 yards).

VaneTec mini-FITAs are another low profile vane that are 1.87 inches long.
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