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What Spine Arrows???

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Hello all,
This is my first post on ArcheryTalk. Actually this is my first post online about anything archery related. I am a newbie starting out with my university. I have been given two different recommendations on what size arrow shafts to buy. I am looking at the Easton X7 Eclipse. As far as bow setup, I will be shooting a 25" SF Forged Plus Riser, SF Premium Plus Carbon Limbs-Long, with a 14 strand SF Archery String. I am currently shooting 30" arrows but I have the tips just about to fall off of the rest, and I feel like I am not quite at full draw. My plan was to buy the 2212 shafts based on the spine recommendation given to me by Lancaster Archery. However a friends father is recommending the 1914, which is significantly weaker. Since I will likely be pulling anywhere from 31 to 35 pounds depending on how the limbs are set, wouldn't the 2212 be ideal? As I side note, I intend to keep the arrows a little long around 31" to 31.5" so that I can find out exactly what my draw length is as I become more experienced. Also, the Easton Nibb point on the 2212 is much heavier than for the 1914, so wouldn't that help offset the stiffer spine as well? What do you guys think?
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Hi Crashtacular;
In reading about your setup, I assume that you are very tall (over 6') to be pulling 30" arrows off the rest. You haven't stated what your SF limbs are marked, but Easton's 1914 X7 Eclipse shafts come 30-30.5" full length and would be on the weaker side, but acceptable up to about 32# at that length. The 2212 comes 32-32.5" full length and would cover the 31-35# weight range at that full length. Another shaft size that would suit you would be the 2014 X7 Eclipse at it's full length of 31.5" which would cover your stated setup perfectly. It would would be stronger and more durable than the 2212 with a little bit less spine stiffness. If you are willing to drive over from New Jersey, we'd be glad to work with you in getting these built and then assist you in tuning your bow/rest/plunger for these arrows. Thanks so much for your interest and trust in Lancaster Archery. Rob
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