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Ok this post is for some of the guys that know my long and boring story (Dondeer, D. Boone, 22V, etc), but if you can and got ideas please post away.

Now that my Martin Fire Cat has been found a (1991-1993 model?) I have 2 bows, what do I do with it? This Fire Cat is a shooter. I placed 2nd in the Senior Davison my last year in 4-H with this bow and I hate to give it up,….also being my father spent about $600 on it for me brand new….sentimental value you know?

I now have a BRAND NEW 2002 Bowtech Patriot. This is a shooter also. I think this bow is much better with the new changes in technology and the great winners choice strings ($85 for string and cable replacement will be crazy).

I am wondering what to do with 2 bows. I want to HUNT, Shoot 3-D and shoot Target. I would love to get good enough to compete and maybe go semi pro one day LOL :D

I have an old toxonix target site and scope that I can mount on the Fire Cat, but to put it on the Patriot I would have to buy a new dove tail plate (I cannot transfer the one form the Martin as it is part of the cable guard for that bow). The Fire Cat also has an OLD Pro Line cross Hair sight. The Fire Cat is a 65-80 lb bow and the Patriot is a 60-70lb bow.

I do not have but would like to own target stabilizers,…the long one with the 2 smaller ones coming in towards the string… (it just looks kewl).

Should I sell the Fire Cat? What can a guy get out of an old bow that is in great shape? Is there even a market for this?

The mass weight of the Martin is about 7.5 lbs. This is a VERY heavy bow compared to the Patriot.

What bow would best be use for Target, what bow for 3-D – hunting? Should I just give up the Martin and look for a new replacement 2nd bow?

I posted a question similar to this many many days ago and didn’t get much of a response. I really would like everybody’s opinion on what they would do if they were in my shoes.

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