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We have a good long time freand who comes over to our side of the state and hunts the farm with us a few weekends each year. This guy is a very good freand and one of the best big water fisherman in the state. The problem we keep having is he he cant seem to kill a deer no matter what we do for him. We put him in a stand thats a guarented doe. First light yesterday and every deer in the woods is blowing at him. We preach scent control to him and he trys to conform but everytime he goes in the woods he gets busted(he wears his scent blocker coveralls ice fishing:eek:). Last night my buddy sat with him in a film set to try and video a doe harvest. The first deer that showed up he started moving around like crazy and gets picked off in a heart beat. I just dont know what to do with the guy? He gets buck fever like crazy regardless if its a turkey,doe,buck, it need not matter. It's getting to the point of him being a nusince. Ive tryed to talk to him about scent and dancing the jig in the tree stand but he always has some crazy story..Last year after a great rut morning of hunting and him being blowed at by multiple doe's he actully said the doe's were blowing at a squirll in his location...A squirll! AHHHHH!!!!!How can I help him be a better hunter? How can I let him know it's not the deer it's you! I want to be gentle about this and I feel he will take it the wrong way. But man Im sick of setting this guy up for deer each year and having him blow it time and time again. I guess Im just venting but I dont what else I can do??? Anyone have any ideas for handleing a good freand who just doesnt have a lick of predater instinct unless he's in a boat????

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