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I hunt in east central wisconsin, and have always had good luck with hidden hay fields this time of year. But recently I have not seen any deer, whatsoever. The only problem that I am believing is the problem is that there is a lot of standing corn, and that a lot of the deer are still in the corn. I hunt approx. 400 acres and its 30% woods, 50% standing cornfields, 10% brushy fencelines, 10% beans and hay

My question is should I concentrate on the corn, possibly putting a stand on the field edge of the corn and woods.

Wait till the corn comes off and hunt more rut style tactics in a few weeks.

Stalk through corn rows on windy days.

Continue to hunt bean and hay fields.

Set up ground blinds on edges of the corn fields

Go deep into the woods/swamp and set up near possible deer bedding locations.

Every few years when there seems to be more standing corn then hay fields , I seem to hardly ever see as many deer. Until the corn comes off.

What tatics have others found useful for this time of year leading up to the beginning of October. And do most believe that Big Bucks are bedding in the corn or traditional thick cover swampy areas. Thoughts?
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