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what weight tube for a 0.246 GT hunter arrrow?

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according the the manufacturer, the ID of my soon to come Gold tip hunter arrows is 0.246". I search the net a bit for weigh tubes . they generally come in 2 sizes : 1/4" and 5/16". Or if you prefer 0.250 " and 0.310 "

theoretically both are too big for the arrows....

would the 1/4 fit ? can it compress to 0.246 ?

what to do , or what to buy please?

and secondly. do you know where can I get the 8 grains/inch one . he must be willing to ship to Canada with USPS....

Thanks for you help
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I bought the Carbon Express tubes for our GT Ultralites we use for hunting....they come in 2gpi and
3gpi. They are nothing more than a long straw. They have some flex, and you cut them with a scissors. Not sure of the OD, but when you push them in, they are a nice fit....won't fall out and don't have to force them.

I highly recommend them for increasing your arrows mass weight.
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