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What Would Have Really Happened Pt. 2

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Picture from the 3D range... I wasn't scoring but determined to make what I consider actual "heart shots." Assuming this was a deer, sheep or hog what do you think would have actually happened if this shot was made at an animal.... I shoot an old style 2.5" cut on contact broadhead total arrow mass right around 625 gpi.

Anyone ever make a shot like this?
What was the results?
Would the animal pass away or walk around injured?
What is the recovery rate for a shot like this?
What other input do you have for a shot like this?

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Not a heart shot but that sucker would be dead in no more than 70 yards. I hit a do about 3" in from the front right through the brisket and she only made it 80 yards with the shot about 1.5 inches into the front of the lung lobe. The shot you made center punched the lungs in my opinion.

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Dead Deer Walking
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