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What would you?

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so the past two times i've went to hunt this spot in the morning there have been deer out in the fields each time. i'm usually walking about about 45 minutes before legal shooting light, but can see the shadows of the deer once i get about 50 yards from the woods. do you "A" stop and hide in the corn till legal shooting light, or "B" continue walking back to your stand? each time iv'e just keep walking since i had the wind in my favor and both times they've ran into the corn. just wondering what everyone else would do.
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I typically keep walking. But really just depends on my mood or if I can see how the deer are acting. When that happens repeatedly I either try to get to my stand Really early so it gives them even more time to settle down or try and find a different route to get to that stand as to not alert any deer on the way in. But I know that is not always possible.
I know a guy that doesn't go into his stands until it gets light enough to see any deer on his way in.
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