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whats the best string silencer

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whats the best string silencer? i had stealth leech's but they fall apart in only a few shots. migth have to go back to whiskers.
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If you guys want to test and see how different ones work, without anything attached to you string hold the bow sideways, put the string about 12in from your computer screen and pluck the string,because of the refresh rate of you monitor you can see the string vibrate, then put whatever ones you want to use on and repete. Make sure theres a light colored screen desplayed.
You will be surprised at how much the string vibrates with out anything to stop it. But the way the string leaches work the best. I have found that with bows with not much twist in the string the leaches last much longer, like my Hoyts have never had one go bad, I have had to tie them in to keep them from moveing. On the other hand my Bowtechs and KO-32 with WC string that are really twisted tight eat them rather Quick, Im testing the Diamond shaped one they sell at WalMart right now and concidering how they are twisted in the WC strings there doing great.
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