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whats the best??

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What is a good case for my excal?..I like hard cases for better care but I thought I would ask you guys that know.....thanks
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I don't like the soft case even if I own one (didn't have any other choice in the past).

Accessories are floating in the case with no specific area to store them. For the extra room that the hard case offer, I would go with it for better protection and easier handling.

my 2¢

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As you probably know, there's no hard case on the market that fits the Excaliburs fully assembled.

The best hard case I've seen to fit the bow disassembled is the Plano Protector (code 1111). This is a pretty inexpensive case, usually well under $40, and available almost everywhere.

You have to take off the bow with the 2 big bolts. It goes right back on exactly the same, no need to re-sight your bow, takes less than 30 seconds to put back together.

The stirrup fits right around the handle of the case (you'll understand when you put the bow in), and the stock fits right alongside the bow, with plenty of room for accessories.
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