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I have my new bow sighted almost dead on at 20 and 30 yards AT GROUND LEVEL. I can stick 3 arrows in a 3' circle at both distances pretty frequently if i take my time (i am new to bowhunting) heres my problem.

I have gotten to go up a tree in my new treestand yet, so i saw a HILL that looked like it went up 15 feet or so (a gradual slope)....i get up and start shooting......the target is at 36 yards. I use my 30 yard pins and im hitting consistently about 5-7 inches LOW. Ok, so i decide to move the target to right bout 30 yards thinking maybe the 6 yards made a big differece.......NOT.....i moved the target to right at 30 yards and started shooting....not it was 4 INCHES LOW on the hill, and DEAD ON on the ground!?

Finally i just give in an put it right around 20 thinking i will hit 3 inches or so high, but guess what......RIGHT ON....i was using my 30 yard pin at 20 and it was finally hitting where i wanted it to?! :confused:

So next, i thought that maybe something had gotten hit or tweaked.....i go and shoot right at 20 yards on ground level.....DEAD ON with the 20 YARD PIN (just like it has always been)......

Can someone help me? Why is my bow hitting so low when im elevated?

Thanx.....and BTW I used the 40 yard pin at 36 and it hit about 3-4 high.

What do ya' think??!!
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