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what's "your" idea of the best combo rounds tournament, 2 days?

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I am looking for suggestions. INDOOR I could see a combo 3D 1 day & a 300 or Vegas the next. Outdoor, Personally I would like 1st day a combo 1 arrow 20 3Ds (20 arrows) & 14 Field (56 arrows). 76 arrows for the day. 2nd day maybe a target 600 round (60 arrows) & 10 3Ds (10 arrows) to top it off (70 arrows total). A little for every archer & maybe a round they don't normally shoot.. Lets hear yours.. Thanks.
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I used to shoot a tournament that included a 600 round (shorter version of American 900 round), 14 NFAA field targets and a 3D course.

That was a fun tournament that really challenged folks to leave their comfort zone.
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