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Whats your longest distance Robin Hood

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It pains me to lose an arrow but did this today at 76 yds with a new set of superdrive 23s I built w 80g tips. Got me thinking…..what’s the max distance all you far more experienced sharp shooters out there have had it happen while shooting? I had been playing with my draw length and had just added 3/8” after some for experimenting with a string and tape measure. Needless to say I’m not shortening her back to where it was😂😂. Let’s hear about em👊💪😎
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That’s impressive. Idk what length mine is I know I’ve tried at 100 and Havnt got it yet. I’m sure I’ve had some around 80 tho.

my favorite one is 3 bareshafts all stuck together. It wasn’t back to back to back I shot 7-8 bareshafts and had 2 arrows in the back of one By the time I shot all 8 at 20 yards.
Heres a couple different bareshaft Robinhoods. The one in the target is actually a 5mm axis in the back of a 4mm injection which is kinda wild.


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Some years back at a Club trophy shoot. 1st in group shot a 12 on a 40 yard Caribou. Me next, couldn't the 12 to save my life, but could see the 1st shooter's nock. I called "Aiming for the nock." Robin Hood. Witnessed. Some watching with binoculars. All were stunned, me too....
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