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Dose anyone know why they havent posted the results from the so called IBO worlds. Are they afraid to post them since so many people didnt get to shoot. I am interested to see how the guy that was 12 points behind me finished since he got to shoot and I didn't I wonder if the ones that ended up being called the winners really feel like they won since they didn't get to shot against all the shooters in thier class. Maybe the IBO has not posted the results to spare the so called winners.

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Wrong Attitude

I can tell you that "Yes" I feel like a winner. I practiced long and hard for this shoot. I took 2nd place in the HC. I would have liked to seen everybody finish the shoot. I've heard alot of whinning about this and it's getting old. You should've shot the 1st day like it was your only day. The guy that was 12 pts. behind you was probably on a different range than you was. His score was good enough to make the cut for that range.

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Firs of all I appoligise for not seeing the results. thank you for the sarcasum. and yes I am mad about not shooting I do shoot every day the best day I can. and did dam good ,I think it sucks that I took three days off work drove 12 hours and saw 11 people that were behind my score shoot just because they shoot a different range and the people that shot the other range did not place up in the top anyway except the one who won and he was 8 below me so if I want to be mad about spending over a thousand dollars to not get a chance to prove myself. than I will and you cant tell me you would not also.

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jwylie, I can understand your frustration. Things didn't go as planned for allot of people. However, there must have been some who shot higher scores than you on the same course. Logic would dictate that the other course was somewhat tougher, given the scores. Who knows, had you shot the other course maybe you would have made the cut. But maybe not. Unfortunately there's no longer any way to tell. I congratulate the winners. They went through the same set of circumstances as everyone else. Then shot the same course as everyone else on Sunday, winning their respective classes.

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ASA Classic – Aug 8 – 10
Men’s Open Pro
1. Richard Leftwich
2. Paul Thompson
3. Colin Boothe
4. Jack Wallace II
5. Eric Griggs – Hoyt
6. Charles Custer
7. Randy Winslett
8. Michael Braden – Hoyt
9. Richard Freeland
10. Chance Beaubouef – Hoyt
Limited Pro
1. Gene Curry
2. Pete Works
3. Charles Thomas
4. Joseph Goza
5. Troy Carpenter – CSS
6. Brian Goza
7. Rodney Huffman
8. Tony Conques IV
9. Buddy Durr
10. Charlie Owens
Senior Pro
1. Jackie Caudle
2. Tom Crowe
3. Randall Jones
4. Larry Odell
5. Les Bressler
6. Derry Null
7. Burley Hall – Tie
8. Mike Davis – Tie
9. Dan Renner
10. Phil Long
Women’s Pro
1. Linda Owen
2. Sherry Forman
3. Kelly Ward
4. Alicia McHenry
5. Connie Calloway
6. Jennie Richardson
7. Ginger Morehead
8. Paige English
9. Susan Thompson
10. Jeanna Allbritain

ASA Shooter of the Year – 2003
Men’s Open Pro
1. Jeff Hopkins
2. Colin Boothe
3. Jack Wallace
4. Nathan Brooks – Hoyt
5. Richard Leftwich
6. Bob Eyler
7. Eric Griggs – Hoyt
8. Michael Braden – Hoyt
9. Darrin Christenberry
10. Tony Tazza – Hoyt
Limited Pro
1. Joseph Goza
2. Rodney Huffman
3. Charlie Owens
4. Gene Curry
5. Brian Goza
6. Troy Carpenter – CSS
7. Larry Goza
8. Pete Works
9. Jeff Wilson
10. Ryan Leonard
Senior Pro
1. Tom Crowe
2. Randall Jones
3. Derry Null
4. Jackie Caudle
5. Roger Thibault
6. Larry Odell
7. Burley Hall
8. George Dixon
9. Ben Rogers – Hoyt
10. Eddie Benezue
Women’s Pro
1. Kelly Ward
2. Linda Owen
3. Alicia McHenry
4. Jeanna Wallace
5. Ginger Morehead
6. Connie Calloway
7. Sherry Foreman
8. Jennie Richardson
9. Paige English
10. Susan Thompson
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