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Where is Backwood Bowhunter's Range

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I'm trying to find a place that is close to my house to practice. I heard there was this place between Yukon & El Reno on Britton Rd. Has anyone been there from here? Where exactly is it if you know? Is it open during the week, how much to shoot, and any other helpful info you could give. I live in Yukon so I think this is the closest place.
BTW I'm guessing I can't go in my back yard and practice. I've heard it's a $1000.00 fine if you get caught???

Thanks for your help
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JAG, Thank you for the info. I'll call them and see what I can find out.

hstubblefield, I wish it was closer, but your right, its several hours away for us to travel. If I ever go that way I'll stop by.

Thanks again!!!
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