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For those on here that don't go to the other Cross Bow sight,,,here is a pic of a doe I got..Now I know no horns is sort of boring,,Ya seen one doe ,Ya seen em all, Right ? Still best to admire the meat GOD provides..Why I am out there sittin in a Tree! Good placement,,but,,,you Can lose meat near that shoulder..I lost a bit,,but even with the SER Razor right where it counts,,she managed to make it 90 yrds...Tough animals...hate to do it,,but I gotta EAT !
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I agree,,a deer is a deer.....All meat to me....Only reason I hunt,,if MY wife and I didn't eat em,,I would not go to all the trouble..And as I get older,,it is becoming More trouble, let me tell ya....I am tired of killing in general..I began hunting at 17,,Have shed much blood...But GOD told Noah,,all living things would be food for him and it was the way GOD planned it for us to eat meat and realize, somehting has to lose it's life for another to live....I am closing in on eternity,,and there will be no killing there...Least quick kills and the deer do not suffer long...
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