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I live and hunt in Vermont. We have alot of deer, but the big ones are few and far between. Alot of does and spikehorns and 4 pointers. I have been looking into going on a bowhunt trip with my dad and brother next fall for trophy class bucks. We never have gone on a guided hunt, but are researching the best place to go. Illinois and Kansas look like a good bet for seeing alot of big deer. Does anyone know any guides that are honest and offer a good hunt? We don't want to hunt on a preserve or farm with hi fences. Thanks.

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Consider these guys. This is not my business nor am I getting anything from these guys. I do know them and they are putting on hunts in a real good area for very little money. You sure get your money's worth. The unguided archery is really a semi-guided. They have about 15 stands already and they will give you a tour of the place and welcome you to place your own stands if you want to. They will tell you all they can to put you on the deer. They do not go out and sit with you and do not provide lodging for that price. They will offer you some real good food on some meals and will treat you guys like long lost family. At least call them and talk to them and see what they could offer you. I recommend 1st or 2nd week of November for best bowhunting times.

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I'm from Vermont as well and have been hunting for Trophy Class Whitetails
in many state as well as Canada.
There are a lot of great hunting state you can go to and some will not
be as costly as other's. If you want a great Bow Hunt KY,KS,IL,MO,Iowa
OH to name a few.
If you would like to e-mail me at [email protected] I will share some
of my hunts with you.
I live in Underhill you are welcome to stop by and talk about the different
places I have hunted. I currently spend most of my time bow hunting in IL.

I have harvested 120 class bucks up to 180 class bucks both with gun
and bow. 3 of my top 4 harvest came with a bow.

Anyway your welcome to contact me
if you would like. I'll share what I can
to try and get you pointed in the right
a huntN friend Gary.
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