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Which 3D DEER target to buy?

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Headed to bass pro today which 3D deer target to buy.? I am looking at Delta or Mckeinze, also the garrett backyard buck. All comments are appreciated. I am not trying to break the bank, just get a good target. Thanks, wildturk
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You might want to look at a Rinehart also, they have an excellent target, its a little higher that most but its cheaper to maintain over the years, their targets (main body) will outlast most others on the market. Their broadhead deer sells for 164.99 suggested retail, replacement vitals are 45.00 suggested retail. their foam is very uv resistant and arrows pull great both carbon and alluminum.
I had a 30 target outdoor range that had rineharts on it from when they first came out, some of the targets were at least 6 years old and was left out all summer long only put up throught the winter. Still looked as good as new when I sold them.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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