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Which Brand is Best???

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Which brand is the best is always a heated debate,
It gets tempers flaring in every single state.
Mathews is the best, nope it’s gotta be Darton,
What are you talking about it’s definitely Martin.
BowTech’s binary cam has to be winning the game
Are you kidding me? Hoyt’s got split limbs and the red flame.

Everybody argues and yells at each other,
It’s like a fight between a sister and brother.
My bow is faster and yours is like a snail,
Yeah, well my bow you just can’t order in the mail.
I can shoot ½ inch groups at over 1,000 feet,
Mine is responsible for over 10 tons of deer meat.

To be fair and quite honest, I had to shoot them all,
Solid limbs, split limbs with brace heights big and small.
Some had single cams and others with the cam point 5
Hybrid cams, z-cams, dual cams, Man-Alive.
I learned one thing from all the arrows I had to sling
It’s never the bows fault…it’s the man behind the string.
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Its just human nature or maybe are pride.If we own it then its the best.We simply select a certain bow because we may think its the best but in reality very few are fortunate enough to shoot all the top of the line bows before we select one which would leave are opinions holding no merit.
I bought a bowtech for the simple reason i have a bowtech dealer within 5minutes of my house.If this was a hoyt dealer then i'd have a hoyt.
When dealing with hightech bows such as mathews,hoyt or bowtech,i seriously doubt that one would be far superior then the other in materials and performance.
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