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Which hang-on stand?

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Alright here's the deal. I have a Summit viper climber and love it. I need a good hang on stand that is comfortable enough to sit all day. I also don't want a little tiny seat like the baby gorilla, or a little tiny platform. I'm not too terribly worried about the cost and wieght isn't my biggest concern either.
Here is what I'm looking for:

1. Comfort
2. Large Seat, Platform
3. Quiet, solid construction

Any suggestions?
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I love my Lone Wolf but it's not the most comfortable stand by far. I have cheaper Gorilla stands that are much more comfortable than the LW.

Without a doubt, THE most comfortable hang-on stand I have EVER seen or sat in was this new Millennium stand!!! When I had the chance to see the stands first hand at the IL Deer & Turkey Classic, I was amazed at how well built these stands were and nothing compares to their comfort. They are also rock solid and silent! You've got to check 'em out. Cabela's has 'em for $199 and you can buy as many extra hang-on brackets as you'll ever need for around $20

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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