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which is better? (string stopper placement)

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i replaced my string tamer sr. with a vibracheck backstop and the predrilled holes are in odd is better...the string being like a penny width away from the string or the stopper slightly pushing on the assuming the one where its not touching the string is best but id like some extra opinions...also it came with a washer to put in between the stopper rod and the bushing and i used it and think i might take it out but i dont know if it will b important is the washer? thanks in advanced guys!!!
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I just put a String Tamer on a couple days ago and finished setting it where I want it tonight and to be honest I think you will want to play with it some to find the "sweet spot"

It took me about four or five differant adjustments before I found the spot that sounded the best to my ears anyway.

I found on my Mathews that on the string the thumping sound was greater but also found that the credit card thing like it said to do was also a bit loud so then tried splitting the differance and then found the spot. Just about half a credit cards width is what my bow seems to like.

To be honest I think the bow is nearly as silent without it as it is with it installed but after shooting it a few times without it I was shocked of how much I could feel all the string movment. Really like how it feels with it on and even though it may still have a little thumping noise I think I still prefer it on, the bow just does not move at all now and seems to be alot more solid.

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