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Which of these bows for my wife??

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Martin Jaguar 5 years old hardly used from someones father who is now passed away. Is this bow adjustable in length and poundage? This is what she says about it:

Martin Jaguar 28" -40# with
Gold Key Rest
Martin Sight
Carbon arrows
Dolulcez Stabilizer
and Bow case
I also found some targets.
The bow and arrows are all brand new. In fact, the bow still has the tag on it.

For $250

or # 2

Matthews FX
with soft case
trophy taker sight
matthews arrow rest
matthews quiver

for $300

This bow is from someone I know who takes very good care of their equipment and I know it's been used. This bow was used by his wife.

Which one do I get?
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I'd go with the Jaguar. I used to have one and wish I'd kept it as a backup bow. easy to change draw lengths and the Mathews can't. Pretty fast bow too. I thinks its also got a shorter axle to axle too...
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