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Whisker Biscuit Vanes

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Which vanes would you recomend for a whisker biscuit? I was wondering because i have heard of some people having vanes ripped up while others have never had that problem and i figured it probably had to do with the differant vanes they were using. Let me know what you think would work best. Thanks
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Flex Fletch

I've used Flex Fletch vanes with my WB from the beginning with ZERO problems. Flex Fletch vanes have a very smooth and slick surface which works well with this rest.

I believe most of the problems were with pre-made arrows. Many times, they do not put a dab of glue on the leading tip of the vane and it catches on the WB bristles. If you fletch yourself, or buy pre-fletched arrows I would HIGHLY recommend you add this step.

Good Luck!
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