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Whisker Biscuit Vanes

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Which vanes would you recomend for a whisker biscuit? I was wondering because i have heard of some people having vanes ripped up while others have never had that problem and i figured it probably had to do with the differant vanes they were using. Let me know what you think would work best. Thanks
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Whisker Biscuit vs. Fletching

Those biscuits sure can be tough on vanes! I used a biscuit for a few seasons with feathers and got good results. The feathers just lay down as they pass thru the bristles. According to others Blazer vanes hold up well. The new Savage vane by Duravanes definitely fit the bill for use with a Whisker Biscuit; they are super-tough and have excellent memory. Before recommending them to customers I did my best the demolish the sample Norway sent me; I twisted and tugged and they resumed their shape every time. One vane I would steer clear of are NAP QuikSpins; they are very susceptible to distortion. I'm not sure how much the rippling in the vanes really affect flight but the look of it bugs me. If you get a chance, try some feathers and let me know what sort of results you get. Gateway or Trueflight one is making 2.5" shield cut feathers this year -- very pretty!

I'll admit to being an uptight, nit-picker -- everything must be JUST SO. JUST SO I can go and try something new! Keeps it fun.:wink:
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