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Whisker Biscuit Vanes

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Which vanes would you recomend for a whisker biscuit? I was wondering because i have heard of some people having vanes ripped up while others have never had that problem and i figured it probably had to do with the differant vanes they were using. Let me know what you think would work best. Thanks
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AAE Speed Flyte, Blazers or VaneTec.

I just changed arrows and have VaneTec on them. I only have a couple hundred shots on them but I can see no sign of any kind of wear, I'm sure that they are going to hold up well.

The tuning of a Whisker Biscuit also has a lot to do with vane durability and would sugest going to the CAP web site for some tips.

Here's a pic of my GTs with VaneTec vanes:
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