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whiskers vs. bowjax vs. sims

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My set of sims string leeches are pretty much done for after 3wks of shooting. Just curious what everyones opinion is on string silencers. I've heard some good things about bowjax, like speed increase and silencing. Also have heard people that still swear by cat whiskers. Just wondering what to put on my bow next, or nothing at all? I'm shooting a CSS, does anyone recomend no string silencers?

Thanks for any thoughts.

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SVL String leeches are junky. They're only useful if you cut em up and use them to pad your dropaway prongs. :wink:

Bowjax II's are pretty darn nice. They do a decent job silencing and can be setup like speed buttons. With a chrono and a few minutes, you'll like be able to get a few more fps out of your rig and still benefit from the string dampening.

Whiskers offer better silencing generally speaking. You'll drop some fps but quiet the string down quiet a bit.

Now, I know you didn't ask about these, but I thought I'd throw in some info (from my own experience) on them as well. Beaver balls offer the best silencing by far. Between the 4 bows I maintain on a regular basis (me -1, girlfriend -2, friend -1) as well as a few others I've helped tune in the past, I've tried just about everything out there with the exception of those Spider string leeches. Up until a month or two ago, I refused to use beaver balls, just didn't like the way they looked. I finally picked up a set as my girlfriend wanted to set her hunting bow up with them. I figured, whatever, it's not my bow, she can have whatever she wants on hers. I was definitely impressed with what they did to say the least. Her bow went from whisper quiet to near dead silence. Without exaggeration, I can truthfully say that at 10+ yrds away, you'll be hard pressed to hear any noise from the bow on the shot. You can, however, hear the arrow whizzing by and smack into the target just fine. :)
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Deezlin said:
Is this some sort of old indian trick?:laugh: :laugh:
I bet the beaver isn't much a fan of his nads being used as string silencers.:eek:

Asked a Mountain Man Furs retailer what those Beaver Balls are actually made of and found out that it is a strip of fur off the beaver's back. They're only $7 a set, won't take much to try em out. :)
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