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whiskers vs. bowjax vs. sims

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My set of sims string leeches are pretty much done for after 3wks of shooting. Just curious what everyones opinion is on string silencers. I've heard some good things about bowjax, like speed increase and silencing. Also have heard people that still swear by cat whiskers. Just wondering what to put on my bow next, or nothing at all? I'm shooting a CSS, does anyone recomend no string silencers?

Thanks for any thoughts.

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The string leeches do make a bow pretty quiet, but have durability issues.
The jax may be the most durable, but every bow I've tried them on still had a little string buzz left.
The Whiskers last very long (maybe not forever), it depends on the brand. IMHO, they quiet the string better than the others. If you are obsessed with speed, they can cost you a few fps.
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