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Guys I just received 2 free 25# bags of Whitetail Institutes Imperial Clover off of a guy who use to own a tree farm. He quit running it and just gave it to me...($150 a bag). So since I am going to plant some of this in the spring I was hoping to get some info from people who have used it. From what I have read, if the land is fertilized right then deer will cross crop fields to get to it. This guy has taken 2 150", and 2 160" deer off of his land all out of these plots. One was a 154" 8pt (all have P&Y certificates). Anyways, the stuff sounds amazing. I also purchased a sample pack off of them that contained:

1 Imperial Whitetail Clover Sample
1 Imperial Chicory Plus Sample
1 Imperial Winter-Greens Sample
1 No-Plow Sample
1 Alfa-Rack Plus Sample
1 Extreme Sample
1 Chic Magnet Sample
1 Double-Cross Sample
1 5 lb. Bag 30-06 Mineral
1 5 lb. Bag Cutting Edge

Each sample does a 100 sq. ft. so it clearly is just a sample but have any of you tried this stuff??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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