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40 targets---14's,12's,x's were not counted. Only 10,8,5,0---400points possible

archer A=37-10's,no 8's,no 5's, 3-0's=370pts

archer B=25-10's,15-8's,no 5's, no 0's=370pts

archer C=31-10's,5-8's,4-5's,no 0's=370pts

archer D=28-10's,10-8's,2-5's,no 0's=370pts

archer E=36-10's,no 8's,2-5's,2 0's=370pts

archer F=34-10's,no 8's,6-5s,no 0's=370pts

archer G=29-10's,10-8's,no 5's,1-zero=370pts
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