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Who is going to the Lancaster Shoot in JAN

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Looking foward to meeting some of A/T's best. This will be my first big shoot, looks like a great time.

Does anyone know what the 16 th place score was last year in Male F/S :confused:
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Of course you will be there Brad, how about taking me (I'm brlke)? (LOL) :D

Too many good shoots, too early in the year! :eek:
Brad Rega said:
Normally I would not be able to afford it but I will be driving over :) :eek: Hopefully I make it in time. Hopefully I win some $$$ so I can pay off some of what I still owe from last years travels.
If I ever doubted that you are a true archer, I could not do so now. You are as addicted as the rest of us. :eek:

You know, I keep telling people that they have treatment programs for addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, and even games, but still no treatment for Archery Addicts (and I hope they never come up with one either {LOL}).
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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