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WHO Makes The Best Flying & Most Lethal Mechanical Broadhead on Earth and How Would You Improve It???

We would like to know who you think makes the most lethal ultra-wide-cut mechanical broadhead so that we can "buck the system" in the typical Bishop Archery fashion and compete against it with the finishing touches on our Made in America Mechanical Broadhead coming the week after Easter from

How would you guys improve the most lethal mechanical broadhead that you know of so that we can take your thoughts and maybe even apply some of them to the finishing touches of our Mechanical Broadhead.

In the meantime, please check out our other patent pending broadheads from 100-800 grains and our paper sharpening wheels. Spouses love the sharpening wheels for Christmas, but only after you have sharpened all of their kitchen knives to a mirror edge. Check out our kitchen knife, hunting knife, two blade broadhead, serration, single-bevel and double-bevel sharpening paper wheels for the holidays at[/B]

Thank you for helping and giving us tips to "Bishopify" mechanical broadheads with a new twist and for the ultimate in small surface area arrow flight, pass-throughs, square inches of laceration channeling and structural integrity.

600 Grain Patent Pending Bishop Broadhead Beyond 70 Yards in Extreme Wind

Bishop 315 Grain Patent Pending Broadhead Flight at 110 Yards

Sharpen any kitchen or hunting knife in seconds to minutes. Sharpen two blade broadheads to a mirror edge with our paper sharpening wheel sale at

Butter knife to shaving sharp with our paper wheels

Random Bishop Archery Giveaway Winner That Has Harvested Animals All Over the World With His Bow & Arrow


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