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Who Shoots Grim Reapers

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I was just wondering if I'm the only youth archer shooting Grim Reapers.
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Hey there matt, you sure do like to call people names. Everyone has their opinions about broadheads just like you do. That doesn't give you the right to call people names because they disagree with you. Take it easy, there is no need for name calling.
A broadhead buck could be something like a high density foam target with layered foam vitals. Are you talking about something like the Glendel Buck?
MattRagle said:
You need to just shut up man most of us around here dont shoot at ribs...thats a bad shot on your behalf and im sorry that a mechanichal wont hold up like a fixed blade. No mechanichal is gonna hold up like something that is one solid piece like a 2 blade
How is a shot through the ribs a bad shot? How do you shoot your deer? You said "you dont shoot at ribs" what do you shoot at? The vitals of a deer are surrouned by ribs on both sides. I know I SHOOT AT THE RIBS. You hit a deer through the ribs and 9 times outta 10 its a dead deer. I am just wondering where you try to hit your deer at.
MattRagle said:
Okay I guess you are the only hunter in the world that wears X-ray glasses on the stand, either that or your deer are in poor poor health in order to know where every rib lies on a deer. Also your blades on your grim reapers must not be opening fully because there is enough space between ribs for a broadhead to go through with out at least cutting a rib. Oh yea, as far as "bad shots" that spine shot was a "bad shot on your behalf".
1 - 4 of 63 Posts
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