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Who Shoots Grim Reapers

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I was just wondering if I'm the only youth archer shooting Grim Reapers.
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I probly wont ever use them just cause of how Matt was giving everyone
SH!** about every broadhead but grim reaper, so Matt way to rep the broadheads man you probly made everyone want to go buy a pack
L-KINDLE said:
hey matt why are you mouthing the other dude for shooting a doe? the deer that you have posted on here is CUTE!!!lol holler at me and i will show you a real deer i shot with a real broad head a wasp boss 4 blade 100 gr.
I'm thinking about getting some of those wasps the stt or is it the sst I can nevver remember anyway thats what I'm looking forhow do they work for you?
1 - 2 of 63 Posts
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