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Who Shoots Grim Reapers

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I was just wondering if I'm the only youth archer shooting Grim Reapers.
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i hanent seen grim reapers can you post a pic of them
shutup matt i am tierd of reading the crap that you type just do everyone a faver and shut the hell up
Whitehair said:
Thank you...very, very well said...

thenewkid said:
well guys I dont know about you but it looks to me like this kid is just on this site looking for a fight, so I'm thinking :ban: whos with me on this one, plus matt you've been shooting for 12 years I bet you can only remember the last 4 so you cant tell me you remember everything about about when you were 4-8 I know I dont, and when you just start posting threads like "who thinks muzzies are junk" in the HUNTING forums your just saying:banplease:

i agree:zip:
1 - 9 of 63 Posts
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